“The presentations were outstanding! Holding their own with the best! However, the residual effect is even more profound.  I believe this to be the best leadership training for our day.” Lisa Bahash


“Lew did a stellar job, was at all times professional... and worked diligently to cover all bases. He used humor, inclusive activities, and great stories as illustrations, therefore keeping members alert, enthusiastic, and responsive.” Susan Bragg

Exc. Dir. Palomino Horse Breeders Assoc.


“Leaders by HEART will show you how to create a culture of trust, where your people can perform at higher levels than ever before. 
Lew’s truths will open up new possibilities to your organization and help you experience the joy and excitement of taking your team to new frontiers.” Craig Rigby

 Johnson Control Corp.

“I’ve seen everything over the past 40 years as a CEO. This was by far the best!”  Robert O' Kelley 

Gabriel Corp.   



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