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"The Peacekeeper"

My passion for horses and winning many national titles with highly-bred registered stock

started at the age of eight with my little black pony, Scotty. The mystery of turning a

wild horse into a willing partner performing complex maneuvers  has helped me develop

a very practical wisdom.  Through the dust, sweat, exhaustion and sore muscles, 

I have discovered the laws of life that make relationships successful. So if you are a leader

who refuses to let the success in your business be jeopardized by unresolved conflict among your people, then follow me as we build an atmosphere of trust in your workplace. My boots-in-the-dirt common sense is always served up with thick slices of cowboy humor. Leaders by HEART offers you everything you need to take your people and organization to new frontiers with the America's Most Unique Training Program!

     Knowing the right places and ways to invest your energy is crucial! 


Leaders By Heart Leadership Training
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