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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Leaders by HEART different from other business seminars?

A: It involves a living demo of the hardships and risks that we face in everyday work and academic circles, and it illustrates the basis for lasting solutions.

Q: How would this benefit my company?

A: The fresh innovative demonstration and content has a great impact on culture and outcome. Catch phrases and practical steps help to apply this content. 

Q: How long is this training and do I need to take all five sessions?

A: While any one can benefit from any  single session, the best results for a lasting impact are obtained when there is a commitment to all the steps involved.

Q: Is this just for leadership or for all employees?

A: The best results happen when the core leaders take the training and then involve the rest of their team in certain key segments.

Q: If I take this program how much support is built into it?

A: In addition to the basic teaching and illustrations, Leaders by HEART provides additional consulting and coaching options. 

Q: Does this illustration apply to non-horse people?

A: Horses are used because they represent the risk and realities of facing difficult relationships . You will love this and find it easily applicable. Those in attendance say this form of presentation provides an indelible picture of how to handle adversities. 


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